The First Presidential Debate: A Win for Clinton

The US presidential election is becoming much more exhilarating, as 27th September marked the first of three official and highly anticipated debate between the two presidential nominees. The debate attracted an overall audience of over 88 million viewers live, surpassing any previous record of any other debate in American history! As a result of the debate at New York’s Hofstra University, the Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton, (68) former Senator of New York and Secretary of State has officially advanced ahead of the Republican Candidate and industrial tycoon of real estate, Donald Trump (70) according to official election polls.  
But who really won the debate?
What went wrong with the candidates?
What can we expect from the next debate?
Firstly, the key moment from Clinton was when she suggested Trump doesn’t possess the ability to be the president. However, perhaps she’s right! After she made this claim, Trump repeatedly stated Clinton did not have the ‘stamina’ to be president, although the Secretary of State shot back and stated, “When Donald Trump spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina,” shaking off Trump’s attack.
It’s arguable that Trump himself does not have the stamina, as seen by his introductory statement of the debate. Clinton at the beginning of her speech focused on her objectives of the economy and highlighted the importance of prioritising future generations with the security of jobs and rising incomes, however but protecting sustainable energy and minimum wages, while guaranteeing equal pay for women’s work, in order to close the large gender-pay gap that exists in the states. On the other hand, Trump began with the phrases, “Our jobs are fleeing the country. They’re going to Mexico.” He then rambled on that as a result of other countries, America is becoming devalued and continuously discussed the departure of jobs and firms and that the US needs a government to fights on the unemployed US citizens and prevents firms from moving their businesses to Mexico in particular. Yet despite his constant attempts to appear like a suitable successor for Obama, his desire to battle rather than unite with the world strongest players such as China only proves how he would dismantle America if he were to assume the position. Hillary on the other hand believes that strong trade relationships with the rest of the world is how to “grow the economy” as she stated that the US is “5 percent of the world’s population” and that they “need to have smart, fair trade deals”. She also mocked Trumps easy background to which she refers to the “small loan of $1 million” Fred Trump and highlighted her support for the middle class and their future.
Throughout the debate, Trump displayed a sign of vulnerability against the well-prepped Clinton as his inaccuracy against Clintons views over NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement, which created a trilateral trade bloc agreement between Canada, Mexica and the US which was signed by President Bill Clinton in 1993) was influenced and changed by Donald Trump himself, confirmed by his statement, “…you heard what I said about it, and all of a sudden you were against it.” To which Clinton wittily mocked him and replied “Well Donald, I know you live in your own reality…” which was followed by Trump attempting to through Clinton by throwing Obama into the sum by repeatedly asking, “Is it President Obama’s fault?”  Looking at the debate, his effort to humiliate and intimidate Hillary by use of repetition of controversial and dramatic sentences or questions in truth only demonstrates why he couldn’t possibly lead the United States into prosperity.
However, to prove that Clinton won the debate, I refer to her most effective ‘slam’ against Trump, given from The Washington Post transcript of the night.
Trump: “… We’re a debtor nation. We’re a serious debtor nation. And we have a country that needs new roads, new tunnels, new bridges, new airports, new schools, new hospitals. And we don’t have the money, because it’s been squandered on so many of your ideas.”
Clinton: “And maybe because you haven’t paid any federal income tax for a lot of years.”
Her statement was followed by a large applause from the audience who although were given strict instructions not to respond to the debate, proving how Clinton excelled in that moment.
Judging by the outcome of the debate, it’s fair to say that Hillary was the only one on the stage who demonstrated suitability to become president, as well as showing Trump’s inadequacy and lack of control, especially when Moderator Lester Holt struggled to remain on topic when Trump frequently burst into folly that didn’t always answer the question asked. Overall Trump’s tactics of the debate which involved contradicting himself and attacking Clinton’s clear plan of presidency which in fact is of far more intelligence than any of Trump’s, have unravelled a path of great difficulty for his next debate, as Clinton proved she can handle Donald’s aggressive, controversial statements with great ease and brilliant satire.
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